about us

Rhino Fiber is the product of a flourishing family owned business with a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A business where teamwork is key, as shared traditions and values continue to make the business prosper. Since its affiliation with Crown Paper Converting, Inc., which is the largest supplier of industrial chipboard on the west coast, its buying power is second to none. The brand Rhino Fiber was created when Crown Paper Converting trademarked their drywall shims, slip sheets, and Red Rosin to shut out cheap imitation products claiming to be of the same quality. Today, Rhino Fiber is sold at reputable distributors around the world, who now proudly offer their clients the best temporary floor protection for construction or remodeling sites. Rhino Fiber is an eco-friendly product that is reusable and recyclable.

Our Mission


Rhino Fiber offers its users a superior temporary floor protection product with superior value because it is not only stronger and tougher than the competition, but also more affordable. This is accomplished by buying paper at a very high volume,

to keep the raw material cost at a low price, and by hiring some of the industry’s best chemical engineers to test the product. Rhino Fiber is far superior in every way compared to the competition. Rhino Fiber will continually aim to be an industry leader by achieving superior performance and complete customer satisfaction.